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SHAFT OK + … It's Here! - February 11, 2015



Born in Tulsa in 1995, truer sounds of the underground cannot be found. Hidden from the public for 18 years with the exception of a limited amount of cassette tapes and an occasional internet leak, these songs have been duplicated from their original recording source, remixed, remastered and are soon to be released.  

All four original EPs available in one collection: OK+



OOLYAKOO - YAK - October 31, 2014

The highly anticipated follow up to l i v i d,.. introducing:


OOLYAKOO - l i v i d - November 10, 2012

There are internet rumors that the new OOLYAKOO album has been leaked a week early.  Supposedly samples are floating out in the ethereal inter-tubes.  It is isolated to one website, but according to the legal team the songs will be up until after the album is released,.. at which point, is too late.  If we can keep the site hidden until next weekend, L I V I D will be LIVE.

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